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RSS OGC Services

One of the mission of the Research an Service Support is to promote the standardization:

  • providing services through standard interface,
  • supporting projects which improves the specifications,
  • verifing standards compliance on delivered services.

This activities has been performed in particular cooperating with the OGC and with Service Providers in order to improve specification and implementation.


On the server side the RSS provides the following interface to access the RSS dataset:

WCS -Web Coverage Service-

WFS -Web Feature Service-
WMS -Web Map Service-

You can access the the server using the Capabilities or you can explore and download Datasets accessing the RSS Client

Example of available Dataset:


On client site the Service Support Environment provides the Web Map Viewer which is a compliant with the following OGC interfaces:

  • WCS Web Coverage Service -OGC 06-083r8- version 1.0.0 (More Info)
  • WFS Web Feature Service -OGC 04-094- versions 1.0.0, 1.1.0 (More Info)
  • WMS Web Map Service -OGC 01-068r3 -version 1.1.0, 1.1.1,1.3.0 (More Info)
  • WMC Web Map Context -OGC 03-036r2-version 1.0, (More Info)

The Web Map Viewer allows Service Provieder to

  • provide their standard OGC services through SSE
  • verify their service compliance with the OGC standard.

Hosting and Project Support

You can request RSS to

  • host your data in order to provide them with the OGC interface
  • support your project with a interaface customize, like the one provided to Eduspace